The Can Make Anything with Turkish Bread

After trying Turkish bread, I am going to need to rethink my total rejection of any types of bread. You see, diabetes runs in my family and I am now at the age where I need to start worrying about what I eat. One of the worst things you can do if you are suffering from this condition, or trying to avoid it, is to eat a lot of bread because it is high in carbs. Carbs and diabetes don’t do well together. Too, eating a lot of bread packs on the pounds. Nothing will give you a gut faster than eating lots of bread.

Then we went to a Turkish restaurant in the city after a late night out and I discovered the joys of Turkish bread. I’ve eaten a lot of bread in my life, but I have never had anything as tasty as this type of bread. Continue reading “The Can Make Anything with Turkish Bread”

A Turkish Meal That is Delicious

When my best friend told me about a restaurant that serves Turkish cuisine in Sydney, she couldn’t stop talking about how great the food was there. We live about 40 minutes outside of Sydney, but I knew that we were going to make a trip there just to try that restaurant out because of how much she kept going on and on about it. She told me that when my husband and I go, we have to try the Sarma, which is one of the starter dishes. She explained that it is vine leaves that has rice, herbs and spices rolled up inside of it. Continue reading “A Turkish Meal That is Delicious”

Always Serve Up Tasty Hot Food With a Plate Warmer


A plate warmer is used to get your plates ready to serve up food. There is nothing worse than food served on a cold plate, it quickly reduces the temperature of the food and starts the cool down process so that by the time the food reaches the table it is cold and no longer palatable. These devices keep the plates warm and ready for the food; they do not inhibit the taste of the food or cause it to cool down to quickly. Many models also have the option of sterilizing the plates which is a great feature that is often used in restaurants.

Primarily used in restaurants to keep the plates on the ready for the food, they have crossed over into many modern kitchens. They are a great tool to have handy. They can be built right into your lower cabinet system and disguised to look like a drawer.

Modern Kitchens

People today take cooking very seriously there are so many people that opt for all the bells and whistles in their kitchens. A

Why Is Hot Food Important


Hot food is important because it changes the food we eat. It has both historical and current significance.

The heat created during cooking is an agent of a chemical process called denaturation which changes the proteins in food, unravelling the molecules and altering their physical and chemical properties. Depending on the proteins cooked, this causes them to decrease solubility or to cause hydrophobic proteins to bond together to reduce the total area exposed to water. Denaturation affects what food feels like, tastes like, looks like and smells like. A fried egg quite clearly shows denaturation and is a good example – the runny, clear egg white (albumen) reaches a set consistency and turns opaque white when heated. As with many denatured proteins, the process cannot be reversed, i.e. you cannot go back to raw egg once it has cooled down.

The process of denaturation can be desirable because food can look, taste and smell better when cooked and the chemical changes can allow for the creation of new foods such as meringue. To create a meringue, the chemical bonds between

Hot Food Vending


Vending machines have evolved over the years from selling food items such as crisps to being able to sell you a hot meal.

The benefit of food vending machines is convenience both for vendor and buyer. The buyer can quickly and easily get some food and the vendor can quickly and easily sell with no need for staff to be present (which would add cost). The only man hours needed are those to refill the machine and collect the money.

Hot food vending machines are particularly useful because they allow people to grab a hot meal. This is useful in cold weather because a cold meal isn’t warming to eat.

Plenty of foods can be sold hot from these machines such as hot-dogs, burgers and ready-prepared microwave meals. Even national treasures such as pizza for the Italians and baguettes for the French are now sold in vending machines and it’s all because we want things fast and with the minimum of hassle.

Some machines will keep food hot whereas others will cook it to

Hot Peppers are Incredible Sources of Healing and Nutrition

That pot of red chili has been simmering for hours, it’s cold outside and you are hungry. When that first spoonful of chili hits your mouth, Wow, is that hot! Relax, it won’t hurt you at all. In fact, nutritional studies are showing that Hot Peppers, specifically Capsaicin, the main heat ingredient, is proving to be the Holy Grail of health and healing inducing compounds. By the way, saltine crackers in your chili will take some of the sting out.

Capsaicin has so many benefits, I am in the process of writing an entire book on this astonishing compound. To start with, while Capsaicin is clinically proven to relieve headaches and sinus inflammation. Capsaicin may also be the key to a healthy heart. Because of its’ unique thermal heat action, capsaicin also increases metabolic activity promoting natural weight loss. Yet one of the greatest benefits of capsaicin is its’ proven ability to increase circulatory blood flow thus preventing abnormal clotting which can lead to heart attack and stroke, especially as we age.

Another benefit is lowered blood pressure, no doubt due to improved circulation. Studies have also shown that the

Induction Equipment Improves Hot Food Delivery Systems

Restaurants that offer delivery service focus on keeping food fresh. Delivery equipment is often a priority. Induction heating is considered a cutting-edge way to keep food fresh during delivery. Below, learn more about induction heating and how it is used for delivery equipment.

How is Induction Applied to Cooking and Heating Equipment?:
Induction heating relies on a system in which equipment is heated by transferring energy from a source to an inductive object. Electromagnetic energy is sent through the object that is to be heated, forcing individual molecules to shift back and forth very quickly. As they shift, heat is created. The system is comparable to a person rubbing his or her hands together very quickly to generate heat.

In a restaurant setting, induction can be used to heat cooking equipment, or it could be used to provide a source of warmth for heating and reheating.

How Can Induction Be Used to Heat Delivery Food?:
Induction heating has many practical uses, such as cooking and heating. It also has positive implications for delivery service. If used properly, an induction-heated delivery system can keep food hot for a

Things To Consider When Buying Hot Food Display Bars For All You Can Eat Restaurants

Despite all the decisions that need to be made, opening an all-you-can-eat restaurant can be quite exciting. You will have to find a location, plan your kitchen layout, organize the dining area, hire kitchen and serving staff, research the menu, and much more. It can be stressful at times, but when you have your heart set on this venture, you will persist.

Because you allow your customers to select their own food at your restaurant, you will have to buy cold and hot food display cases. This can be a bit tricky as you will have to consider a few issues before you can actually place your order. These concerns include:

1. Determine your budget – Your business plan should have a financial section in which some of your funds should be divided among supplies and equipment. Stick to the budget because if you do not, other areas of business will suffer.
2. Calculate available space – Hot food display bars come in various sizes. Measure how much floor space you have available for food presentation.
3. Select a location – Your food display units should be located in an

How To Buy A Commercial Hot Food Display Case

There are many companies, businesses and organizations that need a hot food display unit. They either sell or serve hot foods. Restaurants, grocery stores, company and school cafeterias, airport and mall food courts and other facilities use hot display counters almost daily. For that reason, they need to buy top quality display units that are reliable, look stylish, and will attract the attention of customers.

If you have never bought a hot food display case, the experience may be a bit overwhelming. We hope that the following tips will help you during the research and ordering process.

1. Find as many food display manufacturers as you can. While some are listed in the phone book, you will find a much better selection when you do an online search. The more merchandise equipment specialists you find, the better your chances will be to find the right display case for you.

2. Compare prices, as well as food display counter features. Cheap display units may not offer all the features you are looking for. If you have questions about the product or services, contact the equipment provider’s customer service

Hot Food Display Case Buying Tips

When managing a restaurant or grocery store, you will, most likely, prepare and sell foods that need to be stored and presented in a hot food display case. If these foods like soup, chili, spare ribs, fried and roasted chicken are sold cold, your patrons will not be pleased.

There are several vendors from which you can purchase hot food display bars and cases. Many of them offer a wide selection of products. This is great, as it will allow you to choose the one that will fulfill your needs, yet will not break the bank. It also gives you a chance to be more selective, and apply some of the following shopping tips.

  1. Price comparison – Always make sure that you receive the best deal for your money. If you find similar cases, see which vendor is charging the least. That does not necessarily mean that you have to buy from this company. If the customer service is lousy, talk to another hot food display case vendor with a better reputation, and see if he wants to match his competitor’s price.
    2. Return policies – Before you finalize a sale, check return policies. Despite your

Ramp Up Sales With a Hot Food Display

If you run a convenience or small grocery store, you know that a lot of your revenue comes from impulse buys purchased near the registers. Cold drink displays have long been a favorite come-on near the checkout, but how about ramping up sales with a hot food display as well? Here are some ideas.

First, the Equipment

In order to pull off an effective and safe hot food display, you need to have the right equipment. Crock pots and improvised machines simply will not be appealing nor are they likely to pass code! After deciding what kinds of hot foods you would like to sell, visit websites of vendors who specialize in supplying hot food displays to the public.

These machines are uniquely engineered for this specific use and come with temperature controls, easy cleaning designs, appealing lighting, and everything you need (other than the food itself) to make this new enterprise a success. Look for designs that make efficient use of surface area, feature energy-saving measures, and whose exteriors are cool to the touch for safety’s sake.

Soup, Anyone?


How To Plan The Perfect Hot Food Display Bar

The food industry relies on merchandise equipment manufacturers to provide them with hot food display units. They need these customized furniture pieces to display their menu items and to keep them either hot or cold.

Restaurants, eateries, all-you-can-eat buffets, hospitals, schools, large corporations, and other food-serving places need quality hot food display bars to show off their soups, gravies, and main course dishes. If the chicken noodle soup, pizza, fried chicken, beans, and mashed potatoes are cold, customers complain, or worse, leave and do not return. No retailer or institution wants that to happen.

Superior hot food display cases are pieces of equipment engineered specifically to meet the ever-changing requests of today’s food retailers. This means that the manufacturers have to be able to provide meal solutions for hot or cold prepared food or a combination of both.

Hot food display units are an investment, so before ordering make sure that:
• You plan your design and create a focal point;
• You know how many food items you want to display. If your bar is too big, you will have empty chafing dishes, which does not

Hot Food Vending Machines 3 Ways They Are Making School Lunch Ladies Obsolete

When you think about the food that comes out of a hot food vending machine, what do you imagine? If the first thing you picture is a heart-stopping, mega burrito or a wet, micro waved pizza, chances are you have eaten from one recently. If you were less than satisfied with your ultra-processed “meal” that is quite understandable, but hold your judgment now because soon enough your children will be eating their lunch from a hot food vending machine and there is almost nothing you can do to stop it.

#1 Your Child Will Soon Be Served By A Machine

There is not enough funding to feed the 30.5 million American children enrolled in The National School Lunch Program. Unless food policy drastically changes, hot food vending machines are the only solution left for lunchrooms that are already not receiving enough funding to maintain low standards of nutrition.

What was the most popular meal served to children in the U.S. last year? Chicken fingers and French fries. Are humans really needed to make this “meal”? The answer is no.

A 2009 study published by

Which Hot Food Display Unit Will Suit Your Establishment Best

It may not always be obvious, but the way all-you-can-eat restaurants display their food is crucial to their success. In fact, all food serving establishments that allow their customers to serve themselves should pay close attention to their hot food display units.

There is a wide range of hot food displays on the market, and it is important that restaurant and food retail managers select the unit that suits their needs best. While a two-tier combination steam table and hot packaged food bar may be sufficient for a little deli, the Italian restaurant located right next door may require an entire island to properly display all their salads, soups and hot foods. Their display case has to be much bigger, because they are offering more food choices than their neighbor.

Hot food cases have subcategories. Some units have shelves and are designed to store hot packaged foods, such as rotisserie chickens and spare ribs, while others have food pans for soups, chili, French fries, Buffalo chicken wings, etc. These items cannot be pre-packaged as the retailer does not know in advance what quantities his customers want to buy. Both display

Top Reasons Why Food Businesses Should Have Hot Food Display

People in the food service industry know the importance of quality and presentation of the food they serve on their menus. Clients love to smell the aroma of delicious food, so it is also important to show them that you only serve the freshest and ‘hot-of-the-stove’ dishes all the time. This is true for cafeteria and buffet restaurant owners because these are some of the reasons why their patrons come back regularly.

Cafes, delis, and specialty food stops attract a lot of customers because of the way they present their food. A lot of people still look for home-cooked meals that are hot and fresh each day. And almost anybody can tell if the food has been recycled or cooked twice to make it look appetizing the following day. This will certainly tarnish anyone’s reputation in the food industry if you’re serving nothing but unpleasant dishes.

For larger establishments such as restaurants and hotels, the need to show-off their specialty cuisine is not just for the aesthetics. For hotels, it is a must to keep their hot food displays filled with delicious dishes – from appetizers to entrées, to desserts

A Guide to Buying the Best Hot Food Displays

Food warmers are pieces of equipment that keep your food at ideal serving temperatures and make it fit for human consumption. They are an essential part of any catering business especially if caterers want to establish a good name for themselves by not endangering their customers’ safety and health with a bad case of food poisoning.

However, finding the best catering equipment can be a challenge, what with the many catering suppliers online that claim to have the best and most affordable. Being able to find the best hot food displays doesn’t mean getting the most expensive or the most elaborate there is. It is about finding one that fits your business needs and one that will serve your purpose well, even if it will cost you a bit.

If your food business serves hot food on a regular basis, you should understand that food warmers are not only meant to maintain safe food temperatures but also to keep the food fresh for your customers. They are best for food with long cooking times like breads, pastries, soups and stews and shouldn’t be used to reheat food and you should

Hot Food Containers What You Must Know Before Buying Them

Hot food containers are sometimes called flasks. Could you remember the times of Thermos flasks? They even carried lids for insulation purposes. Can you recall how well they kept water and food hot as you traveled long distances? With modern technology and scientific developments you can now enjoy improvements in this technology.

On the market today there are also many devices used to keep food hot. Some are stationary while others offer transportation privileges. Most of them have attached lids and must adhere to FDI specifications before being put for sale. Therefore, always remember that when you see a food container for sale it has already met the standard requirements.

They are available online so you do not need to get to a store. Once you have access to a computer you are already in the store. As you shop always look for features which give the best benefits. Know that that there are many hot food containers designed specifically to meet your needs. Some popular ones are water bottles which mothers use as devices to keep baby food warm.

Always check for the temperature consistency since

Eat These Hot Foods at the First Sign of a Cold

At the first sign of a cold, the first food most people turn to is chicken soup. That’s because when you were young and got sick your mom or grandmother would take care of you and serve you chicken soup to make you feel better. For centuries folk medicine has passed down this comfort food as a remedy for the common cold. Chicken soup is just one of many hot foods that can ease your symptoms of a cold. Both hot temperature foods and hot flavored foods make up a list of foods you should eat when coming down with a cold. These foods will not only comfort you and ease your symptoms but also shortens the length of time that your cold lasts. Some of these foods can also be eaten to prevent the onset of future colds or immune deficiencies.

Chicken soup- Chicken soup has been used as a remedy for the cold as far back as the 12th century. However, up until 2000 there was no medical evidence that supported folk medicines claim. It was thought that chicken soup only helped by soothing the nasal passages and throat with its

Using Self Catering Accommodations While on Holiday in Bournemouth

marks the Bicentenary Celebration for Bournemouth. It began with a New Year’s Day launch in the Lower Gardens and will continue throughout the year with a variety of events planned that reflect the amazing diversity of this exciting town. This once-in-a-lifetime celebration affords the local communities the opportunity to showcase their unique activities, and for entire families to participate. The 200th year anniversary reflects on a historic past, a vibrant present, and a thrilling future for this fantastic area of the UK.

Almost daily additional events are added to the calendar. Currently, throughout the year, there are Chinese Lantern celebrations, “Smugglers” Events supported by the local schools, various sporting events, a “Mary Shelley Weekend,” dances, musical concerts, and historic, literary, food, and flower festivals. Bournemouth’s Bi-Centenary Celebration will fill 2010 with excitement and thrills to inspire you, beyond those always available within this beautiful holiday destination.

The Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum is situated in an historic, eccentric and uniquely colourful Victorian Villa which provides its own fascination. Inside are art galleries filled with important painting collections, sculptures, collections of world-wide and contemporary craft commissions. The site encompasses a museum,

Low Calorie Chinese Recipes

According to the statistics, there are more Chinese restaurants in the country than any other type of ethnic restaurant combined. This is an astonishing fact, when you think about all the pizza joints and Mexican restaurants that are around, but if you think about it for a couple of minutes, you can probably name at least a handful of Chinese restaurants in your area right off the top of your head. Everyone loves to eat exotic dishes of fried rice, Szechuan Beef, and sweet and sour pork from their local favorite, but doing so can be detrimental to your health. By learning a few basic tips, you can learn to cook low calorie Chinese recipes in your own home.

First, let’s look at why eating at or getting takeout from your favorite eating spot is not a healthy option for you in most cases. One of the things that you will notice when eating at most Asian restaurants is that the food is extremely oily. This is because deep frying plays a central role in the preparation of many dishes. Have you ever wondered why the meat at your favorite Asian eating spot